Cowon Plenue M2 128GB Silver

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Cowon Plenue V 64GB HI-DEF Player Frozen Silver 


Incredible HD Sound from Original Source

The Plenue M2 is the perfectly playing high resolution HD Sound of original source, which was created through 2 years of intensive research and development by COWON, who has accumulated unique sound technology for 20 years. This High- Fidelity audio device implemented luxurious DAC (digital to analog converter), Burr-Brown's PCM1792A, will play the perfect sound of the 24bit/192kHz high resolution master sound source recorded in studio and to provide the optimum listening enviroment by supporting the DSD 128 and DXD format.



The Best Choice For HD Sound

The Plenue M2 is proud to introduce the best performance figures for listening to HD Sound. It has the highest performance figures even amoung the first-tier devices in the category. Specifications such as SNR (120dB), THD+N (0.0006%), Crosstalk (-134dB) are the most important criteria in accoustic devices. Also, the device has outstanding output power (2Vrms) to support high impedance Hi-Fi headphones without seperate head-phones amplifiers. By adapting a high percision TCXO and execptional Phase Jitter of 1.0ps, Plenue M2 can perform flawlessly under any circumstances.

Key Criteria for HD Sound, SNR

When we listen to music the accoustic signal picks up avoidable noises as the signal processes to the output, the process leads to distortion in the original signal. This phenomenon can be expressed as a numerical calue of SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio). SNR compares the level of a desired signal to the level of background noise. It is one key criteria that can be measured to compare accoustic performances between one to another.
If there is a difference of 6dB between two devices, there is a difference of 1 quantization bit in digital signal. For example, a device with 113dB has a loss of more that 1 quantization bit in digital signal, which leads to twice the amplitude resolution difference comparing to the PLENUE 1 with 120dB.
Therefore, to fully enjoy the HD Sound, a device must have excellent SNR figures. Having poor SNR or THD means devices create an imperfect reproduction of the 24bit source, so there is no difference between playing from a 24bit source and a 16bit source. COWON processed through intensive research and development period to achieve the best SNR, THD ect, PLENUE 1 covers from basic specifications to advanced ones offering an enhanced enjoyment of HD listening to its users.

True Original Sound
24bit/192kHz High Resolution Sound

24bit/192kHz source recorded in the studio provides the best sound, it has no signal loss and has outstanding resolution. Enjoy a true HD Sound using the "PLENUE M2" that plays the artist's and engineer's intended sound without missing a single detail.

Implemented Burr-Brown PCM1792A DAC

Implemeting Burr-Brown's luxurious DAC, PCM1792A, which is used in high end premium products, the devices expresses the best possible sound. PCM1792A is the world's finest hig performance Audio DAC that fully supports DSD, as well as 24bti/192kHz PCM. PLENUE M2 uses PCM1792A to play the natural sound of the actual music.

Sound beyond the Limits of Time and Space with JetEffect 7

Even with an original sound, speakers and headphones tend to physically delay the high frequency range as compared to the low frequency range. JetEffect 7 & BBE+ corrects and compensates the distortion to present the original. JetEffect 7 upgraded from JetEffect 5 gives a more powerful performance. It provides a 10 band equaliser and EQ filter, which allows users to adjust detailed acoustic frequency bands depending on their tastes. Enjoy optimum sound under circumstances with newly added "Chorus" and 54 various other presets.

Harmonised Design of Digital and Analogue
Strengthened Anodized Full Metal Unibody

PLENUE M2 pursues a minimalist design. Its design was inspired by a concept of "High-End Audio Product with Robustness and Elegance". High-strength aluminium block was processed through CNC Machining and a Diamond Cutting procedure to complete the Full Metal Unibody, the case surface was finished with a Hard Anodized method to prevent scratches. The power button reminds you of an analogue button of old audio devices and the blue LED at the bottom shows a blend of the old and the new. This 'DigiLog' button completes the PLENUE M2 design to give a luxurious and exclusive sense to the device itself.

Supports up to 256GB memory

Since high-quality sound files recorded in the studio are not compressed to preserve all the information, the High-Fidelity audio device requires a large amount of storage space. The PLENUE M2 comes with the 128GB high-speed internal memory, which is large enough to facilitate high-quality audio files. In addition, the storage capacity of the device can be extended up to 256GB by adding a 128GB microSD card into the card slot.

High Definition Sound at its Best

  • 24bit/192kHz High Definition Sound
  • Highest Performance Burr-Brown PCM1792A DAC
  • SNR 120dB, THD+N 0.0006%, Crosstalk -134dB, Output 2Vrms
  • High Percision TCXO
  • JetEffect 7
  • Arm Cortex Dual-Core
  • AMOLED 3.7 inch 16M Colour Display
  • Premium High Strength Metal Unibody
  • High Speed 128GB Internal Memory
  • microSD Card Slot
  • Optical Out
  • Finest Quality Leather Case
  • Matrix Browser
  • Stereo Level Meter
Barcode # 8809290183132
Brand Cowon

Australian Limited 1 Year Replacement Warranty

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